ECVP 2002 -- Second call
25th European Conference on Visual Perception in Glasgow, Scotland
Submission Deadline: 1 March 2002
Conference Dates: 25-29 August 2002
Venue: Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
The European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP) will take place in Glasgow, Scotland, on 25-29 August 2002. The conference provides a unique forum for the presentation of original contributions on all aspects of vision science, including psychology, neuroscience and computer vision. The conference is open to young and established scientists from Europe and other parts of the world. All the abstracts of the conference will be published in the journal Perception.

The programme will consist of two parallel talk sessions, interweaved with poster sessions. There will be a special symposium on David Marr's monograph 'Vision' to mark the 20th anniversary of its publication. This symposium will occur on the afternoon of Sunday 25 August. Other symposia will focus on:
- Colour, Space and Motion
- Exageration and Visual Cognition
- Reverse Correlation Techniques
- Visual Arts and Perception
- Visual Awareness
- Wheatstone's Stereoscope

The Perception lecture will be presented by Michael Morgan from City University, London. Other confirmed speakers include:
- Al Ahumada, NASA Ames, USA
- Patrick Bennett, McMaster University, Canada
- Randolph Blake, Vanderbilt University, USA
- Jochen Braun, Plymouth Institute of Neuroscience, UK
- Patrick Cavanagh, Harvard University, USA
- Karl Gegenfurtner, Giessen University, Germany
- Mark Georgeson, Aston University, UK
- Barbara Gillam, University of New South Wales, Australia
- Frederic Gosselin, Universite de Montreal, Canada
- Anya Hurlbert, University of Newcastle, UK
- Martin Kemp, Oxford University, UK
- Fred Kingdom, McGill University, Canada
- Jan Koenderink, Utrecht University, Netherlands
- Michael Kubovy, University of Virginia, USA
- Dominic Lopes, University of British Columbia, Canada
- Zhong-Lin Lu, University of Southern California, USA
- Kathy Mullen, McGill University, Canada
- Peter Neri, Stanford University, USA
- Jacques Ninio, Ecole Normale Superieure, France
- Andrew Parker, Oxford University, UK
- David Perrett, University of St. Andrews, UK
- Whitman Richards, MIT, USA
- Brian Rogers, Oxford University, UK
- Josh Solomon, City University, London, UK
- Christopher Tyler, Smith-Kettlewell Institute, San Francisco, USA
- Shimon Ullman, Weizmann Institute, Israel
- Nick Wade, University of Dundee, UK
- William Warren, Brown University, USA

There will also be a couple of satellite meetings before and after the conference (more details will be posted on our web site). Finally, a couple of art exhibitions will be organized both at the conference site and in other art galleries in Glasgow.

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and benefits from direct flights to other major European and North American cities. Glasgow is only half an hour away from the Highlands and 45 minutes from Edinburgh whose annual festival takes place around the time of the conference.

Registration and abstract submission are now accepted through our web site. The deadline for abstract submissions is March 1st, 2002.

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