ECVP 2002 -- Programme
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The ECVP 2002 meeting will start on Sunday 25 August 2002 at 2pm with a special symposium on David Marr's monograph "Vision". This symposium will be followed by an invitation of the Provost at the Glasgow City Chambers and the Perception Lecture. Registration will open at 12-noon on Sunday 25 at the Royal Concert Hall and the meeting will close on Thursday 29 August at 6pm.

From Monday August 26th to Thursday August 29th, two parallel talk sessions will be interweaved with poster sessions. Special symposia will focus on:

- Visual Arts and Perception
- Colour, Space and Motion
- Binocular Vision and Sir Charles Wheatstone
- Exaggeration and Visual Cognition
- Visual Awareness
- Reverse Correlation

The full programme of the conference is also available on the Perception Website.

Do not forget to check also the other events outside the scientific programme, as well as the sightseeings and tours around Scotland!